The BiFrost Steps


The steps can be found in the Ellsworth Place Square, Silver Spring, MD

Walter is a photographer with over 300 photos in his data set. He graduated from Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, MD, and attended St Leo University in West Miami.

In January 2013, Walter accepted a disposable camera to take photos of the "Beauty in his World" as part of the "Unseen Beauty" project.

At that time, Walter was sleeping at the temporary shelter at Progress Place, Silver Spring, MD. Since then he has graduated from the D. C. Central Kitchen Culinary Program on October 3, 2013. He received a "Food Safety and Management and Chef Certification" at that time. He is now working two jobs and planning for a positive future beyond the boundaries of the past.

On display in the following exhibit are pictures of "The Beauty in Walter's World" taken during the past year with his cell phone and a donated digital camera.